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Profitable and thoughtful small projects

 A lot of people look at Bill Gates, Ronaldo and businessmen and wonder how they got rich?? And there are some of you who only need ideas for simple, profitable projects with a small capital, and there are others who want ideas for small and simple projects, just to ensure their future and live a decent life.
And as always, with our eternal motto “You only have to have determination”, young people and even the elderly can apply it to you. Here are 3 profitable project ideas, some of which will make you rich, and others will ensure your daily strength.
So what are these projects?

1- Profitable internet business ideas for young people

The idea revolves around that you will use modern technologies to contribute to the success of your project. You will need techniques that I will explain below.
Project type: Profitable business without a doubt
The estimated amount of money to finance the project: $100
Project success rate: 90%

Project work strategy

   Create a bank account

  Some people, when they hear about creating a bank account, panic and fear. My brother, the easiest thing is to create a bank account. All you have to do is go to CIH Bank if you live in Morocco, because it is free to create. Or any other bank of your choice
It is necessary to create it to satisfy some of the wishes of the project
    How to create a bank account in Morocco to start the project in Morocco:

You will only need a national ID and a phone number (if you are studying, you can use a school certificate, you will receive better benefits in bmce)
Or go to CIH BANK accompanied by a school certificate and a national card, if you are less than 30 years old, you will find many advantages such as no deductions when making a purchase on the web

    Linking a bank card to Paypal:

Do not use a fake card. All you have to do is go to the bank where you created your bank account and request the activation service for PayPal in the bank card. Then you go to the PayPal account and link the card to PayPal (go to YouTube and search for how to create and link PayPal to a bank card, and you will find many videos explaining this) in order to Project development and online customer acquisition.

2- Very profitable and inexpensive small business ideas

Obtaining an item for the start of the project

The first method: Download Telegram

          After downloading, search for a supplier, i.e. the seller who sells the item without installments. After you find the right person for you, you will find his WhatsApp number and contact him and choose the right item for you without exceeding the amount of 60 dollars, i.e. 600 dirhams
I am going to write an article about some well-known supplier or ways to get cheap items

The second method: using ebay or amazon

There is no doubt that you have heard of droopshipping before, but what we will do is somewhat different, as you will buy goods using a bank card or PayPal and then resell them, invest in them and develop your project
The problem is that the goods will be a little late, but they have a large profit margin
Note, it is better to use the first method, as you are looking for a supplier close to you and establish a business relationship with him and then benefit from several privileges in order to contribute to the continuation of the project

Create a simple advertising campaign

  Choose a name for your project and make your small company then create a page for it, put pictures of your goods or in a video and then promote it with Facebook Ads (go to YouTube and search for a Facebook Ads course and you will find many videos explaining this feature), here you will invest the remaining 40 dollars gradually It is better to start promoting the project in your city and then in neighboring cities in order to introduce and develop the project

    This is a simple, contemporary and effective project idea, and you will earn a lot of money from it. In the next article, I will put an article containing types of profitable products for young people.

profitable project

Many people are looking for ideas for profitable projects, there are those who have money and there are those who do not have it, but this idea is a double-edged sword that you can present to someone who has money, or you can translate it on the ground yourself if you have money

Women only cafe

    As I said in the previous article, you can, based on consuming projects, extract an unprecedented idea ... as you know that all countries are full of cafes ... but because we are Muslims and our religion does not allow mixing between men and women, so why not make a women's cafe only with zero men, even the bastard should not He is a man, and the owner of the café is not required to enter the dining area.

An unprecedented and exclusive idea on our website and very profitable, you can say that this project needs capital ... as for every disease there is a medicine, there is a solution for every problem. You only have to go to the owner of an ordinary cafe project that failed for him and put your idea to him, so he will certainly accept and then you agree with him on Other minor matters
There is no doubt that any city has a failed café project, the owner of this café is himself waiting for someone to give him an idea to revive the project, so go to him and talk to him and suggest to him your idea with guarantees that he will not steal your idea
After that, discuss with him financial matters such as your profit rate, then you create a Facebook page for the cafe and make a funded advertisement for the cafe and the idea of ​​the cafe in the city
I don't think this project will fail.
My friend, all you have to do is have determination and determination. You must create a future with your own hands. Do not sit idly by waiting for relief. You can make faraj alone with the success of God Almighty.
good luck


3 ideas for small and successful projects to fill the citizen's shortage

making paper bags

      Successful small projects for young people in Morocco because the Moroccan government has banned the manufacture of plastic bags from the so-called “zero mecha” in order to preserve the environment, preserve nature and give a beautiful and attractive view of Moroccan streets. I do not think that other Arab countries have implemented this decision, but if I was wrong, the idea This simple, successful and profitable project is also suitable for you.

Why did you write in the title "Small and successful projects to fill the citizen's shortage and needs"? The answer is crystal clear, because the Moroccan government was unable to meet the needs of the citizen and provide the necessary paper bags, which led to the failure of this campaign and this decision, in addition to the return of plastic bags that were monopolized and hidden, and sometimes there are some citizens carrying their goods in their hands
Therefore, this project is a solution to a problem, that is, it is a very profitable project
All you need is a sewing machine and paper to start your project, distribute the commodity in your city, and meet the needs of shops and citizens.

Project type: industrial commercial
Estimated amount to start
E: 5000 Moroccan dirhams, or 500 US dollars

    In this article, I put 3 ideas of profitable, small and simple projects, successful projects for young people in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, etc..., and also investment, like the first idea, and successful projects for women and youth in Saudi Arabia in the second idea, and the third idea is from Successful projects in Morocco and for the unemployed and unemployed youth
Don't say tomorrow I'll start, choose the profitable project idea for you... Get up now and create a search for it and a feasibility study for it and apply it on the ground


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