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What is marketing? What are the basics of marketing?
AZZEDINNE 26 August 2021
Marketing is a set of operations or activities that work to discover the desires of customers and develop a group of products or services th...
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Top 5 Inexpensive Tourist Places In The World 2020
AZZEDINNE 25 August 2021
Traveling is among the hobbies and things that are inevitable to renew energy and rethink oneself, and it is a wonderful and beautiful thing...
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3 amazing Facebook features that many people don't know
AZZEDINNE 24 August 2021
Facebook has become the most important and most popular social networking site in the world. Facebook is an American company founded in 2004...
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All you need to know about network marketing
AZZEDINNE 23 August 2021
Did you know that e-marketing or network marketing is on the rise, and major companies are giving it more importance than the importance of ...
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How do I prepare a project feasibility study?
AZZEDINNE 22 August 2021
The idea of ​​the project is nothing but the beginning or the basis for success in the project, but before starting this project, a tribal s...
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All you need to know about private real estate bank loans
Most families depend on housing loans in order to buy a home for life and avoid renting homes, so they go to the banks in order to obtain of...
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Tips for traveling abroad during the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic
Now the world has started receiving a vaccine against the Corona pandemic (Covid 19), but it takes time to vaccinate the whole world. Until ...
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What is the insurance, types of insurance and the object of this
Definition of insurance: Insurance is a successful system to mitigate an accident for a person, such as exposure to theft or a physical acci...
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