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5 Free apps to help you while traveling

 A few days separate us from the end of the school year vacation, which students find an opportunity to travel. But technology and its tools quickly developed to accompany travel stops, from planning to choose a destination to the last moments of return.

To make the process of traveling and arranging for it in the easiest way; In this report, we discuss the most important free applications that are indispensable while traveling. The applications include all the tasks and things that should be focused on and prepared before traveling, from knowing the country or city to be traveled to, through preparing travel documents, booking a flight, comparing accommodation to determine the best, changing currencies and finding places for free internet.


Trip Advisor app:

TripAdvisor is a project of the world's largest travel site; It allows travelers to unleash the potential of all their trips. It offers advice to millions of travelers around the world - to others - in travel packages and flights, and provides more than 500 million reviews and opinions for more than 7 million places and destinations such as hotels, restaurants, tourist resorts and rental places. 

The application constitutes the largest travel community in the world, the number of visitors to the site is about 390 million active visitors per month, while the number of application users is close to about 50 million users in 49 markets around the world. 

The app also offers a wide range of travel options and planning features, so travelers can search over 200 sites to compare prices for flights, accommodations and hotels so they can plan the perfect travel trip.

Visit A ​​City App:

The Visit A ​​City app makes planning your next trip fun, as the app is a complete guide to travel around the world's different cities. 

Where the application enables its users to elaborate on all the details they want to know about any country in the world; The app contains over 1,500 travel guides created by travel experts and enthusiasts. These travel guides cover more than 2,000 different destinations and countries. 

The app also contains more than 40,000 tourist attractions, events, events and activities that can be integrated into each destination. Thus, the application is a very effective tool in discovering the world, learning about the things and activities that can be enjoyed in each country as well as their cost and a lot of additional information that facilitates your travel journey.

Skyscanner app:

Sky Scanner is a leading global travel search engine, founded in 2003 with the goal of inspiring travelers around the world and making the process of searching for travel and travel accessories as easy as possible through the use of world-leading technology. 

The number of visitors to the site exceeds 60 million visitors per month who have visited the site in order to book their flights and choose what suits them while traveling, and the application has been downloaded more than 50 million times. The app compares millions of flights so that travelers can find the cheapest, fastest and most suitable flight for their needs. 

Whatever your destination you will find dozens of low-cost flights. Not just flights; It is through the application that you can find hotels, accommodations and car commuting at low prices.

Hotels Combined App:

HotelsCombined is one of the most important websites and applications that help travelers make the right decisions and get the best price for accommodation and accommodation in more than 220 countries around the world. 

During the past year, the number of users of the site was about 400 million users, who were able to compare all hotels, apartments and accommodation on the most important sites and search engines until they got the best prices. The site and the application include more than 40 languages, including; English, Arabic, German, Malay, Spanish, Italian, Persian, as well as Portuguese, Turkish, French and many more languages.

Offline Maps application:

Whatever your next travel destination, you need to know the routes to take in the new country, but in many cases there is no internet available, which makes you an urgent need for the Offline Maps application. 

The application enables its users to get acquainted with the maps of their travel destination and real-time traffic in order to avoid traffic jams. The application also displays warnings to the speed limit if it has been exceeded, in addition to many other additional features.


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