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All you need to know about private real estate bank loans

Most families depend on housing loans in order to buy a home for life and avoid renting homes, so they go to the banks in order to obtain offers that may correspond to their social level and ability to pay.

In this article, we collected some information in various international banks and deduced the information that we collected in this article through paragraphs:

 What are the types of real estate loans:

International Banks, specializing in providing all real estate offers requested by the customer, where we have loans for the purchase of new or old housing, and we contribute to providing a loan of up to 120 percent of the value of the loan requested by the customer, as we provide the customer with additional expenses related to the purchase process , in everything that includes the notary’s expenses, real estate preservation, and mortgage, in addition to the expenses related to preparing, equipping or modernizing his apartment as well, and for economic housing, the value of the loan reaches 100 percent of the value of the purchase amount, and we provide this category with many privileges, and we also have Suitable offers for those wishing to purchase or build a plot of land, with a contribution to the total amount of the property by 70 percent, and this also applies to those wishing to obtain a loan for the acquisition of a commercial store, and our customers can choose the amount that suits them up to the price limits set by each bank, with a privilege Repay the loan over a period that may reach the limits of a certain period (determined by each bank).

What are the advantages of loans offered by the bank to customers:

There are many advantages, perhaps the most important of them, concern the comfortable repayment period of up to 25 years, where the customer can obtain the loan he desires, the repayment period starts up to 6 months, because we know very well that the expenses that follow the purchase of housing or any real estate The customer worries, when we give him a period to adjust his affairs, the process of repaying the debt begins, and the customer can increase the installments with increasing or decreasing the ability to pay the payments according to his needs once a year, and because we realize that everyone may go through critical times or circumstances force majeure, may impede the payment process on the part of the customer, thanks to our confidence in the customer, we give him the possibility to postpone the payment of the due installments for a period of up to 3 months, in addition to the fact that the answer to the loan file does not exceed a maximum of 10 days, while through the bank’s website, the Reject or accept the customer's offer within 48 hours.


What are the conditions that the customer must meet to obtain the loan:

Of course, the customer must have a bank balance, and he must have a stable job, such as working in a private sector or a country with a fixed month's salary, in addition to at least one year of practicing his professional activity in the same company, in addition to the value of the salary he receives, as well as Those wishing to benefit from the loan must have a good relationship with the banks, as we conduct a comprehensive research on whether this person has a loan in another company, and is he committed to paying the installments on time, and we also perform other routine procedures, such as looking at the value of the loan. The company in which the person wishing to benefit from the loan works, as the higher the value of the company, the greater the chance of granting him the loan.

What are the documents needed to apply for a mortgage from the bank:

  •  The age of the client should not be less than 21 years and not more than 60 years for employees and 65 years for self-employed.
  • A copy of a valid national ID card.
  • Income proof documents.
  • Mortgage loan application form.


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