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Tips for driving safely and the best cars suitable for short stature

 Driving a car is full of challenges, especially when the driver is short in stature, and finds it difficult to sit and watch the road and drive, which jeopardizes the safety of the driver and the safety of passengers with him, for this reason, here are some useful tips for driving if you are short to help you drive your car in the best way.

Tips for driving safely and the best cars suitable for short stature

 Buying a car suitable for short stature:

Make sure you buy a car that you feel is the right size and specification for you and that you feel comfortable in.
Here is a list of top 9 cars for small people that you should consider:

  1. Honda Fit.
  2. Mercedes Benz S class.
  3. Subaru Forester.
  4. Volvo XC90.
  5. Lexus ES.
  6. Toyota Tacoma.
  7. Chevrolet Camaro.
  8. Mazda MX-5 Miata.
  9. Honda Accord. 

sitting on a pillow:

Putting a pillow on the driver's seat will help you get a better view ahead, but be careful while choosing the ones to put under you, choose the right pillow only because the wrong material or using the wrong size pillow or the wrong materials makes it prone to slipping and you may end up In an emergency injury, buying a stabilized pillow is always the perfect thing to do, make sure the pillow doesn't move with the car's movement and its height helps you get a perfect view as well, so buy a comfortable pillow for your back as well for safe driving.

pedal lengthening:

Being shorter prevents you from reaching tight places like brakes, if you are not able to reach the brakes properly, feel free to buy in pedal extenders, they are cheap but useful for your driving, however, the size of the pedal extenders may vary from one car model to another, But, always choose the supplier of the product that you trust in the quality of the product they offer, this method will not only improve visibility, but also provide better control of the car, this way you will be able to handle any situation easily with the help of the right driving tips and pedal extenders, so you don't hesitate to buy them.

Solve the problem of not seeing the front of the car:

Another problem is being able to see the front of your car and not being able to judge the distance, especially when parking or standing behind a car, if you're sitting too low, you can't see the front of your vehicle and you might hit someone in the back at a red light, or hit something While parking, the steering wheel is another visual obstacle for a short driver with an older model car.

Modern cars have adjustable steering wheels and height-adjustable seats, allowing you to position yourself for the best view. Many new vehicles also come with brake and gas pedal adjusters. If you drive an old-fashioned car, you should use a seat cushion to enhance your posture. So that you can clearly see the front of your vehicle, there are many aftermarket parts you can buy online or at auto stores to help you sit higher, too.


Another safety issue is your distance from the airbag. Tall drivers sit farther back and are less affected by the airbag during an accident. Short drivers sit too close to the airbag and can be injured by the airbag itself during an accident.

An airbag is not a soft cushion, it shoots off the dashboard or steering wheel at up to 200mph, and if you sit too close to it, you could sustain an airbag injury.

Airbag operation switches are recommended if it is not possible to maintain a distance of 10 inches between the center of the breastbone and the airbag, while 2-3 inches is the primary danger area, 10 inches allows for a margin of safety.

The on-off switches allow you to deactivate the airbag if you are at high risk of injury to the airbag, but it is still not safe to remove the airbag, so keep your distance from the airbag, some new vehicles come with adjustable foot pedals according to the length of your legs, pedal extenders available For older vehicles, although its safety has not been studied.

seat belt:

The seat belt should fit snugly across your pelvis, and the shoulder strap should cross over your shoulder. For a short person, the shoulder strap could end across your neck which could cause serious injuries during an accident.

If your shoulder belt doesn't have an adjustment to fit you, consider investing in a seat belt adjuster. There are a variety of products on sale, including belts made for children, that may be a good choice for short adults.

Whichever style you choose, make sure it has been tested for safety If your local auto parts store doesn't offer a good variety, you can find one online by searching for "seat belt adjuster", Amazon has a large selection A variety of styles.


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