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Top 5 Inexpensive Tourist Places In The World 2020

Traveling is among the hobbies and things that are inevitable to renew energy and rethink oneself, and it is a wonderful and beautiful thing, that is, you enjoy it and change the atmosphere to return to the fields of work and invest in a new self, but usually the biggest obstacle for most travel lovers is money and the monetary cost, so I thought to write an article with the best Places that don't cost much... so what are these places??

1- Canaria Islands (Spain)

Islands that are no less aesthetic than the Maldives, Hawaii and Iceland. It consists of seven main islands in addition to other smaller islands. This region is located in the Atlantic Ocean off the African coast and exactly off the Moroccan coast. Ride the public bus in Tenerife that costs less than $2

2- Morocco

And when you have finished spending your vacation in the Canary Islands, you must pass to Morocco, which is a tourist country par excellence, with many countless tourist areas, for example, the Hercules Cave, Tangiers, Prades-Bagadir, Dakhla Oasis, and Marrakesh, without forgetting Chefchaouen, Larache and Oualidia, which is also a kiss for lovers of the surf, especially my city. Essaouira and Dakhla in addition to the generosity of the presence of Moroccans, as if you intend to travel to Morocco, all you have to do is contact a Moroccan person and he will provide you with housing and a drink for a few days for free, in terms of cost, there are some cities with high cost such as Marrakesh and Tangier and there are many places with low cost such as Casablanca and Essaouira...

3- Thailand

A place that is well known and does not need to be talked much about if you are a fan of the seas, beaches, warm waterfalls, palm trees, trees, forests, restaurants and wonderful exploits.

4- India

A well-known state where located in South Asia more than a population of one billion more than people is a very beautiful country with several places so beautiful and exploits worthy of the eye, such as the Taj Mahal you see and many places of natural scenery you are watching films and Indian soap operas, especially that it is available to citizens simple, the biggest example of Coexistence of religions, an inexpensive place because of their currency, as 1 rupee equals 0.013 dollars


5- Prague (Czech Republic)

If you are a fan of Europe, travel and getting acquainted with European civilizations, you must visit the Czech Republic, especially Prague. When you visit Prague, you must go to Prague Castle, which includes a royal palace, religious monuments, defensive towers, royal stables, a small corridor in which craftsmen work, as well as gardens. Wonderfull. The famous Prague Castle was built of wood only to add to its splendor

With earthen embankments in the ninth century, as for the cost, for example, the metro or the tram ride in Prague costs less than two dollars.

This is one of the recommended places to travel to...


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