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Starting successful projects is simpler than you can imagine!!

 Among the nightmares of the beginning, it feels pointless from all this, that there are no new ideas to be worked on, that all the quotes have been said earlier, that every hobby is doomed, and that every field of action is in fact a crowded arena of competitors. An enormous circle of arguments and disincentives that automatically prevent any ability to move the ant constraint forward.

The nightmare of the beginning is the real -- and perhaps the only -- barrier that separates a success in any project in fact, and sentences it to remain trapped in its owner's mind, just an idea in the air.

Starting successful projects is simpler than you can imagine!!

Project start: $5 training course:

The ice cream shop chain "Between & Gérez" is one of the most popular iced sweet shops ever, and is spread throughout the world; It offers a wide range of moisturising flavours along with excellent entertainment environments.

The co-founders of Ben and Gérez, are between Queen and Jerry Greenfield. They appear everywhere together, almost as a single unit, and provide an inspiring example of the concept of a partnership of great friendship that has brought them together; They belong to the same neighbourhood and the same state, as well as the same year of birth.

Between Quinn at the beginning of his life he tried to strive to study but was unsuccessful, he did not complete his studies, while Jerry tried to attend medical school; But it also failed. Over the days, the two friends agreed to enter the business world, start a well-earned business, think about many options, finally end with a project in the ice cream industry.

They didn't have the knowledge to start an ice cream business. They went to a simple training course for just $5, from which they learned the industry's principles. This simple course was the beginning of the realization of their project, whose fame has surpassed the horizon.

The two friends then started working from home in 1977, and opened their first small shop with the arrival of 1978 under the name "Ben & Gérez." 10 years later, at the end of the 1980s, the company's revenue surpassed $ 30 million a year, and the brothers of U.S. President Ronald Reagan were personally honored as one of the best models to offer a distinctive start-up project, and dozens of branches were opened around the United States.

In 1999, Ben & Gérez was fully acquired by Unilever for $326 million, with the name "Ben & Gérez" remaining as a brand associated with the name of its founders.

Start of Journey: Limousine Driver:

Christian Georgie arrived in the United States of America from his country of origin, "Romania", in 1990, and in his pocket exactly $26, forcing him to live in a modest house from the hostels to contain it in the country to which he emigrated, from eastern Europe.

Christian spoke English with difficulty, so much so that he listened to English songs intensely so that he could master and understand the language. Lived a modest life in Romania; He was in the business of selling music records. He raised some money, managed to buy a computer, and started studying the basics of programming intensively, quite subjectively.

He made remarkable progress, taking a course in Romania, followed by a master's degree in mechanics, but this academic certificate was not recognized in the United States; Where the requirements of study, employment and academic certificates were not recognized Romanian universities.

Christian moved to the United States, and lived a very humble life. His start as a limousine driver struggled with life to get some expenses that would make him pay his life requirements in America.

In one of his connections, he met someone who ran a computer consulting firm, and noticed Christian's prowess in the field, telling him to walk past his office the next morning. The meeting resulted in the establishment of a data programming company, in which Christian assumed his position as head of its technical department, until it was subsequently sold.

Here Christian - his financial circumstances have improved - decided to launch a start-up project called Tian, which was merged with another company called outlooksoft, becoming a premium data analytics company, which was eventually sold to SAP for $500 million!

Christian then returned to decide to open a new startup, Tidemark, which made a significant breakthrough in the business analytics market, earning a profit of up to $45 million as an average, with growth growing 300% annually.

The man arrived in America with $26 in his pocket, managed to sell a company for half a billion dollars, and founded a third company with millions of dollars a year.

Start: Exploitable free time:

Robert Voight was an American civil aviation pilot; He was the commander in charge of flying passengers at Northwest America. He did not seem to have any other ambition; He works in a prestigious job, generates a stable income and gives him a good social standing.

But the guy adored filming at the same time as hobby and was taking a lot of pictures. In his spare time, he designed a very simple software for tuning and editing images on automated computers that had appeared a short while ago (here we talk about the late 1980s and early 1990s).

He put his simple program up for sale, which he called Paintshop. He noted the high turnout of customers to buy the program, which led the pilot to consider opening a small company called "Jacek Programs", through which he develops the program, gives him a more legal presence, as well as receiving purchase orders because he was not full-time.

Over several years, as the Internet has proliferated, there has been a large customer presence on the Internet, and orders have increased; This led to his company's expansion and the registration of several thousand scientists in the program, bringing the company's annual revenue to $6 million by 1997.

In subsequent years, Robert stepped down from managing the company, and a more professional manager was appointed to turn the company into a major enterprise in photography products, until it was acquired in 2004 by Corell.

Although his entry into this area was by hobby, he retained his regular work. However, it was the hobby that made him a millionaire later, and the simple Paint program has a presence in every computer so far.


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