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What is marketing? What are the basics of marketing?

Marketing is a set of operations or activities that work to discover the desires of customers and develop a group of products or services that satisfy their desires and the organization profits during an appropriate period of time. Marketing can be defined as the art of selling, but sales are part of the process.

Social Marketing is the link between the physical needs of society and the response to economic patterns by offering a product or service value to customers. Marketing can be considered an organizational function and a set of mechanisms that create and deliver value to customers and deal with customers in a way that benefits the institution and its shareholders in its capital. Marketing as a science is the process of defining a target market by analyzing and segmenting the market, understanding it and offering higher value to customers.

There are five opposing concepts of the enterprise that can be attributed when adopting marketing policies are: the production of the concept of home and the concept of home, the concept of marketing and the concept of overall marketing

And often four components: relationship marketing, internal marketing, marketing, and integrative and marketing response to social demand.

Basics of Marketing:


Product distribution is one of the four components of marketing. Distribution is the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or commercial user, through the use of direct means or by using indirect means through intermediaries.


Promotion is a set of activities aimed at communicating with customers, in order to spread a description and awareness about a particular product or brand (brand), which motivates customers to buy this product and raise the value of the brand in the market and distinguish it from others.


Or price is the value of any product or service expressed in monetary terms.


Product is a general term that includes everything that is manufactured or produced for the purpose of selling, marketing and exporting to individuals, and this includes industrial and agricultural products and services.

the basic Concepts of marketing:

  • Search the market
  • Marketing plan
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Expense/Marketing Structure
  • Marketing Information System
  • Marketing Intelligence/Product Marketing
  • Post Marketing Communications / Marketing

So marketing is the most important step in the business world because if you do this step perfectly and professionally it will be a lot of money.


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