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Important tips when buying a used car.. Know it

There are many people who prefer to buy a used car instead of a new car, in order to save money or try different types of car brands or not be able to afford a new car. But there are many things that must be taken care of before completing the purchase process, in the article below we will give you tips before buying a car Used.

In order not to be exposed to any of the scams when buying a used car with suitable specifications.. Here are some important steps that you must follow:

 1-The age of using this car:

The older the used car, the more careful it is with the performance of the engine, wheels and other parts.

2-The mileage of this car:

Divide the number of kilometers by the number of days the used car was used
The lower the average number of kilometers traveled per day, the better.
The mileage of the vehicle must be checked and compared with the year of manufacture; Where cars travel an average of 15 to 20 thousand kilometers per year.

3-Gather all information about the vehicle:

You have to collect the largest number of information about the car. It is recommended after rushing to collect the information, and be sure to collect the largest possible amount of information, whether through the Internet or by asking people of trust and competence. It will help a lot in making the right decision, as it will protect you from falling as a victim of encouraging merchants.

4-Patience and no rush to buy:

Some may underestimate the differential process in the price, but in fact it is not easy, as it may take several days and perhaps more, so it is advised to slow down and not rush to buy any car quickly, and it is not recommended not to agree to the initial price offered by the dealer, even if you use The merchant uses the arguments he uses in such situations, which is that there are many people who would like to buy this car, so do not submit to him. Stubbornness and lack of landing at the price.

5-Accompanying a car specialist:

When you reach to determine what you want, and the right place from which to buy your new cars, it is time to take a car specialist, and do not be shy about this step, so that you can get a good car that fits your daily needs and know the general condition of the car, especially if this car is used, So that you do not fall victim to a car that suffers from a problem, which leads you to lose a lot of effort and money, and perhaps these defects are easy to pass before your eyes without paying attention to them, unlike car specialists.
The car specialist also helps you in negotiating prices to reach the best prices, because of the skills he possesses that qualify him to do so, especially in the event of minor defects in the car, the car specialist may help reduce the price.

6-Verify the authenticity of the papers

The legal status of the car's papers and its owner must be ascertained, and the car must be disclosed to ensure that there was a previous accident that caused the damages that were treated.


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