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4 Simple Strategies That Will Make You Rich If You Apply Them...

 4 Simple Strategies That Will Make You Rich If You Apply Them...

Hello, before embarking on the ways...this last one is not from the imagination, but I read 5 books and extracted the most prominent tips and ways to become rich...and they are as follows: 

1- Don't say it's impossible to do it, but say how am I going to do it?

 Which way and strategy will I become rich and how do I see myself after 10 years have passed? Is a poor person immersed in debt and problems and a limited monthly? Your dream is to add some dollars to it by the employer, or do you see yourself rich and rich, you have a big house with a swimming pool and a garden, and you are the employer who Decide when to increase the wages for your employees.

2- Don't associate yourself with the idea that you don't have money:

Bill Gates and the founder of Facebook and the founder of Amazon started where you would begin, they started their work with a rickety computer in a cramped room, now look at their bank accounts.

3- innovation:

Capital is of no value, but the idea is the most important. Most of the projects on the street are cafes and fast food owners. You can extract the idea of a project from the core of these projects.

4- Study the idea from all sides:

Do not rush to apply it, study it well, if you are not able to study it. There are several institutions that provide this service, in addition to service sites such as Fiverr, which saves you a lot of effort and time.


These are the steps my friend, I hope that these strategies that I read in one of the books I read so far will help you. Now I forgot the names of those books. If you have any addition, put your comment below.


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