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5 reasons why gas heating is better than electric heating

A heater is a machine that converts energy into heat energy, which we use a lot in our daily lives in cooking, bathing, and ..., it is difficult to dispense with it in any home, where people need hot water in all seasons of the year. In this paragraph, we will only summarize the two types of gas heater and electric heater. They are the most used in the world, we will present a comparison between the advantages and disadvantages of both electric heaters and gas heaters, leaving you the choice in the end. 

1- Price of the device and the size

There is no big difference between them in the price, as the price is related to the quality of the internal components, its version and the brand name of the heater, as well as most of them come with the warranty paper.

The sizes of gas heaters and electric heaters are relatively small and not heavy.

2- Power supply (to power the device)

With regard to gas, it is abundantly available underground in large quantities, unlike electricity, as it needs to be generated with its own generators, and there are some areas that lack electricity.

3- cost of energy used

It consumes a large amount of electricity, and therefore does not provide you financially in the long run, unlike natural gas (as an energy source) that is less expensive than electricity, and therefore it is financially more economical in the long run, and is not affected by frequent power outages.

Gas is a natural energy source, and therefore it is natural that its cost is lower than electricity because it is renewable energy, so the gas heater will be more economical in terms of money.

4- Security and Safety

Electric heaters are safer than gas, because they do not burn gas to generate heat, which eliminates risks such as carbon monoxide emissions and gas leakage in pipes, and keeping the gas heater in ventilation so that gas does not leak into the house and lead to suffocation.


5- Maintenance

The gas heater often does not need periodic maintenance work because it does not include an internal water tank, but you will need maintenance work only when the heater suffers any malfunction or damage to one of its internal parts.

The electric heater needs continuous periodic maintenance, which must be done every month or two at most, because the idea of ​​storing water inside it may lead to the accumulation of salt and lime on the wall of the heater, in addition to the formation of rust, and then these matters It can reduce the efficiency of the heater and accelerate its damage.


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