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cheap (low cost) electric motorcycles

 When we talk about electric mobility, we are not just referring to the electric vehicle. Electric motorcycles open up the road, much faster than cars. Namely, electric motorcycles are much more comfortable and cheaper. To take a step toward energy transitions to renewables and non-polluting electric motors, a motorcycle is simpler.


Therefore, we are going to dedicate this article to teaching you some of the cheap electric bikes so that you can get started in this world.

cheap electric motorcycles :

We are going to make a list of the most popular cheap electric scooters of these times.
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   Emocycles Moskito 500: 1500 $

i think this is one of the cheapest motorcycles out there. This makes its quality somewhat lower. Their main drawback is that they have very little independence. It has the power of 1 CV only. It has inductive lead-acid batteries which allow autonomous recharging of only 35 km. The maximum speed is 40 km / h.


At first glance, it might seem like this bike isn't worth much. However, it is almost perfect for a small city where we have to constantly move from one place to another. For example, that person who works as a salesperson and has to move from place to place might be fun to have this type of motorcycle. What you have to take into account is the distance you travel. Otherwise, you will have to recharge the motorcycle in the middle of the day.

   Lifan E3: 2250 $

This electric motor is less well known in Spain but is widespread in China. It has a removable lithium battery and a 1.5 CV capacity of 49 km/h. 


It's compact but that makes it light and compact with wheels up to 10 inches. You can choose between original and eye-catching colors. His digital box is very well designed and contains little but accurate information.


Unlike other cheap electric motorcycles, it has LED lights both in the station and on the pilots. It also has a USB plug as standard and a kickstand that separates the motor.

   Emocycles Spirit 2000: 2300 $

This is a brand that is once again positioned as the third cheapest in the market. The highlight of this electric motorcycle is that it has a rather agile and dynamic ride. 


It is mainly intended for city driving. It has a little hanging power 3 CV which reaches a speed of 50 km / h with an autonomy of up to 50 km.


It has a fairly quick start and good stability. It has a rear-wheel drive and trails up to 10 inches, which is a slightly more advanced idea for those who don't want to suffer from the anxiety of independence.

    NIU Series M: 2880 $

This is a brand of Chinese origin but is marketed in Spain in two models. On the other hand, we have the M Series that is cheaper but doesn't skimp on futuristic styling without forgetting about the ease of driving. It's the kind that is often compared to the rest of electric motorcycles. Being smaller in size, they are very light and have a total weight of less than 100 kg. Autonomy is fairly high around 80 kilometers and can be achieved thanks to its removable battery with a conventional socket.


Charging time is about 6 hours. The maximum speed of this motorcycle is 45 km / h.

  Emocycles Tornado 3.0: 3000 $

This company has very competitive models in this market. This motorcycle has a 3CV power with removable silicone batteries and a maximum autonomy of about 70 km. It has hydraulic disc brakes on both the front and rear wheels and aluminum wheels. 


Speed may be our biggest attraction as it only reaches 45 km/h. However, it is a motorcycle designed for touring the city.


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