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Top 8 Strategies to Become a Marketing Professional

You are the owner of a company and would like to develop your company name? Or do you have an individual investment and want to increase your sales volume? You are Dr. Ongar, an engineer or an investor and you want to make your name and stand out from the rest of your competitors, and leave the price without importance... You will find the answers to these questions in this series that bears the name "Be a Marketing Professional".

If you want to sell a pen, a car or a computer at any price you want and quickly, you must implement strategies advised by specialists and professionals in the field.

In general, what is marketing and what are marketing methods?

1- What is marketing?

So marketing is a very big world and it is a maze that you must implement strategies to succeed in it, starting with the name and logo, passing through the shape of the product and the target group, to advertising, selling and after sales, i.e. maintaining the customer.

So advertising is the focus of any company’s success so focus on it..There is no doubt that you encounter daily many advertisements on Facebook, TV, Google and Instagram, but you do not pay any attention to them and this is because of not using a strategy in placing the appropriate advertisement to attract customers and obtain a customer mass.. Rather, that company By flexing its muscles and focusing on things that are not important, such as the size of the factory, the number of workers, the number of trucks, and the number of customers. The customer does not care about these things and does not find him even because he only thinks of himself and fulfill his desires...

2- What are the ways and strategies that contribute to successful marketing?

Marketing is more important than the logo, the company name and the outer box of the product (Emballages), and these are its strategies:

  1. survival instinct: In marketing your product, you must target this instinct in the soul of humanity and build an advertisement on it.
  2. The need for food: Targeting your instinct to eat and drink.
  3. fear: The most important strategy, targeting the customer's fear area.
  4. sexual mating: Marriage and romantic relationships.
  5. The instinct of a decent life: The customer always aspires to live a decent and easy life. Focus on this instinct.
  6. Excellence and self-improvement: A person always tends to outperform others and get first place.
  7. protective instinct: A person always chant a safe, calm and protected life.
  8. social acceptance: Targeting the instinct of a person's desire to be loved and accepted by all.

So when you create an advertisement targeting one of these instincts, you take the power of the essence of the human soul. Thus, the success of your marketing in full.

In the following articles, we will analyze each instinct separately to make things clear.


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