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4 unexpected secrets to win any work contract or buy and sell deal

 In the world of business, business and investment, appearance plays a major role in changing the opinion of the other person or the second party in the deal, so that the other side of the deal pays great attention to appearance, especially if it is a woman.

Here are 4 tips that will make you attractive to win the first battle of the war of winning the deal, except for money and beauty:

1- Doing sports:

Sports is the most important of these things, its importance goes beyond deals and getting an attractive appearance, but we can include it in this article, so I put it in the first place, where the body is vital and harmonious is very important, so you must practice bodybuilding and fitness, and run twice a week at least for half an hour, which becomes constantly to get a body Attractive, wonderful love for women and respect for men.

2- stand up straight:

Do not stand with your head bowed, stand straight with your head high, in addition to looking directly into the eyes, you will feel ashamed when looking with the eyes like everyone else.

3- dental hygiene:

Among the things that others will hate and despise, so always brush your teeth and reduce drinking tea and coffee and using the Arabic toothpick without forgetting the toothpaste.

4- dress up:

You don't need money and high-quality clothes at an expensive price, you only need clean shoes, a clean suit, and a perfume that smells great.
Without forgetting the hairstyle to a lesser extent...these things are indispensable to becoming attractive, making a great impression, and attracting the other person and the other party.

5- Keep all information safe:

Imagine this scenario where you make a call to your potential client, and you don't register the requirements. The call ends. Now you have a follow-up meeting with the prospect a few days later, and you end up asking for the same requirements. Wouldn't this be a detour? You may lose the deal.

Customer Touchpoints Bounties, you can record interactions with potential customers and revisit them whenever necessary. Interactions can occur through emails, phone calls, SMS messages, events, and documents.

6- Don't take "no" as an answer:

A good closing salesperson tries hard to turn a "no" into a "yes". It finds a way to revisit controversial areas and reformulate points of sale. This does not mean that you are rude or arrogant. You can be polite and persistent. It is a sign that you really believe in what you have to offer. Go ahead with confidence and keep going, you'll find enough people (not all) to say "yes".

A seller skilled in closing deals always defines "no" as just "not at the moment." You will get another chance. And if you follow the right steps - it will happen at the right time. This is why it is more important to never spoil any relationship. Otherwise, you won't know when that "no" could have been the ultimate "yes".


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