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The most important tips for driving a car safely

 In order to buy a used or new car, it is necessary to determine your driving level and try to improve it in order to avoid any accidents on the road or driving violations.

Safety first, in this article we have collected the rules for driving a safe car, as safety and security are among the most important things we seek when driving, to avoid accidents or anything else. To keep you safe on the road.

The most important tips for driving a car safely

1- seat belt :

Seat belt saves lives, you may not know how important seat belt is while driving, but it is one of the most important instructions that must be followed for safe driving. from the windshield, so be sure to wear a seat belt.

2- The safety of pedestrians :

The safety of pedestrians is important, so you allocate lanes for them to cross within the rules of driving a car, and for that you have to respect them and wait for them to cross before you complete your way. This means that you do not yell at them to run, nor do you hit the horn to rush them. These actions will make you appear mean.

3- Compliance with traffic laws:

It is necessary to abide by traffic rules and traffic laws in order to avoid any violations, such as setting a separation distance between your car and any other car, the maximum speed of the car, wearing a seat belt, defining the space designated for roads, the space designated for pedestrians, and adhering to traffic lights.

4- Stick to the set speed :

Speed kills, as speed is one of the most common factors that lead to traffic accidents, and there are many laws that prevent driving at a speed higher than the specified speed, sticking to the specified speed delays your appointment by some minutes but saves your entire life, where commitment to the specified speed is one of The most important tips that provide safe driving.

5- Avoid using a mobile phone :

There are many laws prohibiting the use of a mobile phone while driving, but no one pays attention to them, as some studies were conducted on the number of deaths resulting from the use of a mobile phone for the year 2008, and it amounted to about 2,600 deaths, so it is considered to have a significant impact if you want to drive intact.

6- Ensure that there is a distance between the front car :

Another one of the most important tips for safe driving, where you have to keep track of the distance between your car and the car in front, the recommended distances may be difficult to say literally but should be as estimated as possible, so that the distance is half the speed of the trip, for example; If the speed is 90 km/h, the distance between you and the vehicle in front should not be less than 45 meters.

7- Driving in adverse weather conditions :

You should be extra careful if you are driving through fog or heavy rain and storms, including; You should drive under the speed limit, keep an extra distance between you and the car in front, slow down and be careful around curves, and if the weather gets worse, just take a break and find a safe place to wait for the storm or that rain to pass.

8- Avoid driving while drinking alcohol :

This advice is considered easy to implement, in order to be ready for safe and comfortable driving, as it is advised not to drive if you drink alcohol or if you have reached the status of sugar, because it affects the mind and works on a defect in concentration while driving, as there are more than 28 people die every day. due to drunk driving accidents.


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