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The importance of wearing protective clothing when riding a motorcycle

 Riding motorcycles is a fun sport for young people and adventure enthusiasts despite some of the dangers that occur even in the smallest of accidents. Protective clothing offers a viable solution that combines elegance and safety standards for riders.

The importance of wearing protective clothing when riding a motorcycle


Besides the collision characteristics, which must be available in the helmet, the helmet must also be comfortable while wearing them, even as they are controlled on the head, through good ventilation and lightweight, such as a full helmet.

According to Rubrecht Müller, an expert from the German car club ADAC, this type of helmet may not appeal to some cyclists such as classic motorcyclists, and helmets designed according to the concept of synthetic units may be a good alternative to this category, which can be converted into a helmet without the chin part, which is resealed when feeling cold or rain.

The sun-eyed helmet fits with motorcyclists for off-lands; The eyebrow can be raised while driving in rough lands, lowered while driving on roads, and generally the helmet needs to be changed after five years or after falling.

Jacket and trousers:

Regardless of whether they are made of leather or fabric, it is ultimately down to individual taste, which varies from person to person, and the leather jacket, as the German Technical Body for Quality Control (TÜV Süd) says, is highly resistant to corrosion, but advises that it should not be less than 2 thick. 1mm.

Blending a separate jacket and pants is the most practical solution throughout the day and the most suitable solution for all weather conditions, and the new models in the markets are protective clothing which combines both articles, which have both their features, and which the German expert recommended, Muller, using a canvas jacket and leather trousers for everyday purposes, is also a great alternative to the corrosion-resistant Armid fiber pants, which take the form of a jeans cloth.


The top of the clothing should be fitted with protectors in certain locations, conforming to the specifications, and the desired jacket can be fitted with such protectors if not available, taking into account that they are made of flexible and durable materials such as spongy rubber.

These positions are centred on the back of the jacket, shoulders and elbows, and in the trousers these positions are located on the thighs and knees, where the outer area must also be covered, as this area is often more vulnerable in the event of accidents.

A protective shirt can only be worn under a non-tight jacket when you don't want to wear a protective jacket equipped for this purpose.


The motorcyclist can wear functional clothing with long sleeves and legs under the leather or canvas outer jacket, which helps to heat and cool the body better than cotton clothing, due to its lack of sweat absorption.

Wearing inappropriate underwear may cause serious damage, especially with serious incidents. "When skin sticks to the inner side of outerwear, for example because of sweat, this will cause it to not move during a fall, and may lead to skin tearing in cases of serious accidents," Mueller explained.


Leather gloves are the best among other types, thanks to their ease of wear and high corrosion resistance. Ankle protectors should be placed around the ankle and they should be placed on both sides of the hand.

The German car club ADAC's motorcycle experts point to the advantage of kangaroo leather models, which are both flattering and powerful.

 The Institute for Safety advises Motorcycles when purchasing gloves to take into account that they are tight, but without a tightening with bow hands. The less knitting positions with gloves, the more comfortable they are.

Waist strap:

Waist belt is made of neoprene, neolon, leather or blended fabric. The Institute of Safety for Motorcycles explained that the waistband is a useful addition to protective clothing.

It heats the kidney area and compresses the abdominal area, reducing the risk of internal organ injury to the body. Experts added that it is the good waistband that does not hinder the breathing process, and can be smoothly adjusted preferably with a wide adhesive tape.


The right size of a shoe and durable sole are the most important safety factors during motorcycle riding. "Pressure is concentrated in an accident involving the motorcyclist on the feet and then the shoe is the first side pressure absorber", explained Robrecht-Müller, and ankle protectors are an important installation for the biker.

Muller cautions against cutting out bot in any case, explaining: "The motorcycle accident suffer permanent injuries, if they are in the foot area."


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