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All you need to know about network marketing

Did you know that e-marketing or network marketing is on the rise, and major companies are giving it more importance than the importance of their own product and defining strategies for the success of this marketing, so what is e-marketing or network marketing?

1- The basics of e-marketing

E-marketing consists of the use of the Internet and social networking sites in particular, in order to promote your business, product or site and improve people's visibility of it well.


This, if it is established, is based on many very important elements such as the design of the site or the advertising path, then feeding web pages or integrating visitors into your business by establishing a relationship with them.


E-marketing or network marketing, if it has a goal, this goal is to get qualified and dense traffic and inflate the customer base.


So e-marketing or network marketing is not as easy as you imagine, it needs traditional talk (that is, how to address customers) to get clients and ambassadors for you at the same time by analyzing your publications, in addition to that e-marketing and network marketing is not a one-way tool, 


but has several directions And several strategies to apply it, for example: “influencers” you can use in network marketing for your site or product.


I think things have become somewhat vague, so I will try to summarize things in 3 main stages:

2- Stages of e-marketing:

  1- Attraction:

At this stage, be very careful \ because it is the central stage and the first building block that judges your success from your fall. Study your goals very well before committing to marketing a specific channel (website, product, applications, social networks)

  2- Conversion:

It is the next step, which is how to convince your visitors to make a decision, that is, to stay on the site or return, be careful, if the bounce rate is high, this indicates that your visitors do not want to know more about your business or services, and among the possible reasons are poor targeting or difficulty determining your services or even time Loading your annoying pages or ads ... etc.

  3- Keep:

After you attract customers and convert them to you, you must keep them and you should not ignore them. 


To do this, you can invest in social networks, set up promotional campaigns through Google Adwords, or send surveys.


3- Network Marketing Tools:

  1- Social networking sites:

It is the most famous, best and most effective because it targets the largest number of customers and people.


Among the popular social networking sites, we find FACEBOOK, TWITTER, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM and REDDIT.

  2- Google Adwords:

Thus, your ads appear on YouTube and on sites that are involved in Google Adsense.

  3- Other advertising companies:

Which is said to be a competitor to Google such as popads, popcash and propllerads.


So e-marketing or network marketing, when used in accordance with the expectations of the goals, contributes greatly to promoting your business and thus increasing customers and your business number.


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