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3 amazing Facebook features that many people don't know

Facebook has become the most important and most popular social networking site in the world. Facebook is an American company founded in 2004

By Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is based in California and the number of employees is approximately 48,000

Facebook has several advantages, such as communication and watching videos, and it also has positives and negatives that some people do not know, but let's talk about the positives that will benefit you in the success of your projects, and then in another article we will go through to talk about the negatives, so what are the advantages of Facebook that many do not know?


1 - Market Place - Market Place

It is a free store on Facebook, where the company added it in order to facilitate commercial transactions on Facebook and win many users, and this feature was well received by users and a great success, as many people are resorting to this option instead of Shopify and other electronic stores and even other real stores , This is a wonderful privilege from Facebook and has a great addition to users
How to use Market Place

Using it is very easy and there is no difficulty, as if you are going to publish a new post, then follow the steps of Facebook and give a description of your product and its price, then the browser will browse and if he likes the product, he will talk to you

Link to Market Place


2 - Facebook Ads - Facebook ads

The most famous and most successful options, as it has become a haven for sellers on ebay, amazon, and shopify ... and those who work in drop shipping in general, as they bring traffic as it is called in the language of professionals in this field
Many people when they want to buy a phone, for example, they go to Google or YouTube and search for the qualifications and disadvantages of the product, but when they go to Facebook, they are surprised by publications or ads for the same product on Facebook, if this is Facebook Ads
How to use Facebook Ads

Here in this privilege, Facebook provides you with the CIBLAGE privilege, that is, it helps you on purpose and choose the category you want carefully, as previously explained by the example of the phone

To create an ad, all you have to do is download the Facebook Ads application from here from the Play Store (click here) and then follow a course on YouTube to understand how to deal (search for a Facebook learning course) 


3 - Job Opportunities - Emploi

I do not think that you are aware of the existence of this option on Facebook, this option allows you to search for a job or for an employee, as it contains a group of job opportunities and the beautiful thing is that it allows you to search for the nearest place to you to work in addition to choosing the salary you want and also the type Work, Facebook also thinks of the unemployed

So, the news and rumors that were saying that Facebook is over its days are just nonsense, because the founder of Facebook Mark and his staff always comes up with renewal that offers many advantages to Facebook users

Therefore, tips for Facebook users, take advantage of it as much as possible before the demise of these features.


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