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Some types of energies in our lives

Energy is of great importance for sustainable development, to meet our daily needs in all economic and environmental fields. The well-known and abundant energy on Earth is the sun's rays, but the common sources of energy in the whole world are not limited to that, as the use of wind energy has spread in many countries recently. And do not forget that traditional energies such as oil, coal and natural gas...

1- oil

It is a black mixture consisting of organic materials resulting from the interaction of carbon and hydrogen at high temperature and pressure, through which the gasoline that we use a lot in our lives is produced, as well as kerosene.

Do not forget that it is highly flammable to give us heat energy, and also that the source of plastic is oil.

2- Coal

It is a black mass consisting mainly of the element carbon, and it is found in the lower layers of the earth, and it is flammable and was used to move trains in the Middle Ages, but it pollutes the environment due to the gases emitted from the combustion process.

Coal is mainly used as a fuel to generate electric power in the world in general, and that is through burning it of all kinds, which include bitumen, sbitumen, and lignite, and then using the heat resulting from burning to heat the water and convert it into high pressure steam to be used to move the blades of the turbines that generate electricity.

3- Natural gas

Natural gas is a source of thermal energy and the cost of natural gas is lower than the cost of electricity by 68 percent, as it is used in many household matters in heating and in cooking, and its heating speed is much faster than electric heating, and it is economical and non-polluting.

4- electricity

It is energy that can be obtained through chemical reactions, such as batteries, or by converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, using a generator, wind or waterfalls.

If there was no electricity, there would be no such thing as the Internet and electrical home appliances.

5- solar energy

It is the energy emitted by the sun's rays mainly in the form of heat and light, which is the result of nuclear reactions inside the star closest to us, which is the sun, and this energy is of great importance in the globe and in the living organisms on its surface.

It is used by heating water, a special device for it, producing electricity from it through solar panels and storing it in batteries.

Solar energy is responsible for the so-called group of renewable energy sources and the most important.


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