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Important tips to buy your home legally and soundly

 One of the reasons for marriage is the availability of a home, as the ambition of every family head or young man who is about to marry. Which meets all the purposes, takes into account the standards of comfortable living through its availability. The important criteria that we will present in this article at home during the search process, but if there are no Any standards provided by the house, you must avoid them so that you do not face any problem in your life. For this reason, we have collected for you the most important tips that you should understand well before buying any home.

1- space:

Space is one of the most important criteria when buying a property. In fact, it is necessary to determine the minimum area of ​​your future home and the area of ​​each room of the housing that you aspire to buy, as you must when looking at the typical property in front of you think about the number of family members, and is the space available in the housing in front of you will make each of you get his privacy , These standards differ from one person to another, according to his needs as well as his purchasing power, but in the process of repairs that you will enter into housing, here lies the difference between the desire of each person separately, as some tend to make the living room and salon larger, in order to host guests, which narrows The space on the other rooms and the kitchen, while the current fashion, which gives more space to the apartments, is the American kitchen, which is open to the living room, providing a large space for the rest of the house facilities.

2- location of this home:

Studying the location of the house is one of the most important points in the list of tips for a quiet life, as everyone prefers homes that are close to facilities and services, in addition to a group of other points among tips when buying a new apartment or a new house, including:

  • The property is close to the main roads. 
  • Hospitals available in the area. 
  • supermarkets.
  • Schools and universities.
  • Do you prefer areas near the sea or not?
  • The house is close to public and recreational parks.
  • Availability of transportation in the area, its proximity to bus and metro stations, and the spread of taxis.

3- The future of the region

Many do not think about this necessary factor, which is the future vision of the region, where you must be keen to know what projects will be built and which may be built in the region after 5 years.

Future projects in the area can increase the value of your home, if you provide the necessary facilities, transportation, commercial centers and hotels, and their future may be in deterioration, if the area may create industrial projects that pollute the environment, or even housing projects that deprive the residents of the area of ​​spaces green.

Housing in the urban area has its advantages, as well as its shortcomings, as housing within the city gives you the factor of proximity to many amenities that you need in your daily life, such as proximity to markets and saving money in transportation, wider options in schools, proximity services…etc. The negatives of living inside the city, most of them affect the health aspect of the person, such as pollution, traffic congestion, and the lack of privacy, with the lack of green spaces.

As for housing in the suburbs, it provides you with the opposite of what housing does not provide within the city, in addition to the low price factor in projects completed outside the urban area, most of which real estate contractors play the factor of providing large apartments at low prices in order to attract residents.

4- Notary Consultation:

Before initiating any procedure to buy an apartment, house, land plot, or any commercial operation, every person must go to the notary, in order to take legal advice, and know the status of the property or the commercial operation he wishes to carry out, before paying any cent As a token, you can also take a free consultation from any notary for 15 minutes, in order to give you advice on the legal procedures followed, and to guide you in a proper way, given the documented knowledge of all laws, and the notary provides the customer with many guarantees, including insurance against professional errors, where If one of the notaries commits a professional error, the insurance compensates the client for all losses entrusted to him.


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