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The most important reasons why motorcycles are better than cars

 Although cars are my main hobby, I've been riding motorcycles before, and in some ways, two wheels can be better than four.

The most important reasons why motorcycles are better than cars

 1- You can go anywhere more quickly and at a lower cost:

Do you see the picture above? This is a motorcycle that is used as a bullet. It's a Yamaha TRX bike, designed to imitate all the characteristics of a 270-degree V-crank engine, which in the motorcycle world is no big deal. So far it is still the fastest bike. 


It's faster than a 991 Porsche 911 Carrera S but costs $1,000. If you want to go fast by car, you have to spend much more. The only reason the bike is faster you will find in the next point.

2- The relationship of weight to speed:

The old TRX bike weighed about 270 kg. This gives the bike a power-to-weight ratio of about 300 horsepower. But this is nothing compared to something like the new Ducati 1199 Superleggera. 


This bike weighs 166 kilograms and has 200 horsepower, and once it was in sports racing and got 826 horsepower.

3- You will be in first place with the motorcycle:

Most basic sports cars can't compete with scooters. Once you're riding a motorcycle, you use your own body weight for steering. Riding a bike at speed is a much more energizing experience, not to mention it's a lot more challenging than riding in a car.

4- Perfect for your daily commute: 

Going to work is usually tiring, especially when you are sitting in your car and the traffic is slow and you cannot reach your workplace on time. Alternatively, you can use a motorbike to be able to pass between lanes and reach your destination very quickly. 


Especially, if you are heading to the busy city center, you can find space for your bike and you will have plenty of time.

But !!!

Riding a motorcycle, despite its splendor, has many risks. During the rains it is a difficult time for a cyclist, the rider must wear protective clothing and a helmet so as not to leave his skin at the mercy of the road, most importantly, safety. 


Riding a bike has a certain position and sitting on it also must be at a certain point so that you do not fall while you are walking, and to face the safety problems of riding a motorcycle, cycling training is important for the survival of motorcyclists. 


Never make anything difficult. But if you're a biker, you have my staunch respect.


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