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Getting ready for travel: Learn these tips

 Learn tips on how to prepare for travel. Here are these tips and instructions before traveling and on how to prepare for travel, as well as how you should be careful during and after travel.


Preparing for travel and trips requires you to do many things, the most important of which is to focus on your priorities in preparing for such a trip, because if you are ready to travel, you should not be in a hurry so as not to forget important matters that disturb, obstruct or delay your travel. 

Getting ready for travel: Learn these tips

Important tips before traveling:

1- You must keep your passport, identity and travel tickets in the bag in your hand so that you do not forget them, and you must have a special bag such as these papers because you will not be able to lose them.


2- It is preferable that the gifts be not placed in special gift bags, because if you search for them, you will have to take them out of the situation in which they are, and searching for them will be difficult for you.


3- Do not put electronic devices in your travel bag because it is the first thing to search for, so put them all in one place to facilitate the inspection process.


4- In your luggage, do not put things or materials that may make your search at the airport or the place to which you intend to travel difficult, so that you do not fall prey or be subject to delay in your flight.


5- Know the weight of your bags so that you do not fall into the problem of excess baggage weight, which will result in you having to pay more money for this weight.


6- Do not try to tire yourself by wearing formal clothes.

Prepare to travel:

1- Your bathroom bag is one of the most important things that you should be prepared with on your travel trip, especially if you are a girl because it is one of the things that will keep you away from the idea of ​​the constant need for tools that are considered personal.

2- The first thing you should prepare for your travel trip is to pack your luggage, because it will keep you from thinking about the bag and arranging it constantly. It will also make you focus on the missing items that you will need on your trip.

3- You should take all the medicine you need, especially the medicines for chronic diseases, lest you find them in the place you are going to, which will put you in great trouble.

4- You should make several photos of your personal papers, as this will help you in preserving your original papers from being lost.


5- Ensuring that you are vaccinated against diseases in the country you are traveling to, especially if it is African, so that you do not fall victim to a virus or bacteria spread in those countries.

After traveling... attention!!

1- After you travel, keep your passport and identity in the country you are going to, so that you do not fall into the problem of losing or stealing your papers and becoming without an identity in a foreign country.

2- You should beware of those who offer you free or unrequited services because in your good faith you may be subjected to forced theft, kidnapping or the like.

3 - When you arrive at your destination, do not forget to go to the embassy of your country to register your attendance, and this is one of the important steps that many travelers do not take.

4- Imagine yourself as a representative of your country and do not act ashamed of it or put your country in an embarrassing situation, so you make your image and the image of your country shameful.

5- Don't show your money in public in front of anyone, and don't know how much money you have so that you don't become coveted by anyone.

6- Never forget one of your bags at the airport, especially your handbag, be calm and never rush out before making sure that you do not forget anything you have anywhere.


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