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Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars

 Today, the world is heading towards a sustainable green economy, with the aim of preserving the environment from pollution. Hybrid cars have proven their efficiency in preserving the environment. Electric motor, which generally helps reduce the amount of carbon emissions emitted. In this article, we will present to you the definition of hybrid cars and their mechanism of action, in addition to many of their advantages.


Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars

Hybrid cars:

First, we must talk about the mechanism of hybrid cars, as they depend on two engines, the first is a fuel-powered combustion engine, and the second is an electric motor in which no combustion process takes place. 


The combustion engine gains energy from the fuel combustion process, while the electric motor gains energy from a battery that stores energy. generated by the combustion engine. 


It is worth noting that this system consumes less fuel and produces fewer emissions, so this car is called environmentally friendly.

The history of the hybrid car industry:

More than 100 years ago, the American Armstrong Phaeton appeared for the first time with an innovative vehicle, powered by a small gasoline engine and electric motor, but it was not very popular at the time, until the hybrid principle appeared again in 1900 in Paris, the Porsche hybrid car that he designed was shown 23-year-old engineer Ferdinand Porsche.

Hybrid cars remained the same until 1994, half a century after the Porsche hybrid was used, when Toyota's executive vice president challenged the company's team of engineers and technicians and asked them to build a fuel-efficient car, and after two years of continuous struggle by the Toyota engineering team Toyota finally launched its famous Prius hybrid car, 


and the success of this system continued in the company until the number of hybrid cars manufactured by Toyota reached about 7 million cars around the world, and after the great success achieved by this system in international car forums, many companies rushed to manufacture Hybrid cars of its own brand, such as Lexus which introduced the world's first fully hybrid car in the luxury segment as early as 2004.

Types of hybrid cars:

    Rechargeable hybrid cars:

The name of these cars suggests their system of work, they depend on charging their electric motor from external sources, so that an electric cable is connected to the charging base of the battery to provide it with power. and 55 miles, examples of these types of cars are Volvo, V60, Chrysler Pacifica, Mitsubishi Outlander.

    Mild hybrid car:

In this type, the electric motor cannot move the car or start it without the help of the fuel engine, meaning that its work is completely linked to the fuel engine, not as in the full hybrid car. The electric motor works separately from the fuel engine, and in general, this type is characterized by a low fuel consumption rate that exceeds ordinary cars in stages. Examples of cars that use this system are Honda Accord Hybrid, Audi 'S' and Hyundai Tucson.

    Full hybrid car:

The electric motor in this type works separately from the combustion engine, and provides the force necessary to move the car to a short distance and at a limited speed without the need for the combustion engine. On this type of car, Toyota Prius, the electric motors of these cars have a larger capacity and a more complex electric management system.

Advantages and disadvantages of hybrid cars:

    Advantages of hybrid cars:

  • High acceleration: The hybrid car accelerates quickly, due to the direct response to the accelerator pedal.
  • Comfortable driving: the automatic transmission provides ease while driving the hybrid vehicle, and the dependence from the gasoline engine automatically switches to the electric motor at lower speeds.
  • Lower maintenance cost: There are many parts in regular cars that do not exist in hybrid cars, such as clutches, dynamos and others, and their absence means a lower maintenance cost.
  • More sustainable: Hybrid cars have the advantage of sustainability, this means that the car meets the needs of individuals and at the same time preserves the environment, thanks to the use of electric energy, which reduces carbon dioxide emissions by the engine.

    Disadvantages of hybrid cars:

   Like other cars, and despite the large number of positives, at the same time, there are some things to consider and take into consideration before buying a hybrid car, including:

  • The fully hybrid car is considered to be less environmentally friendly than the rechargeable hybrid car, because rechargeable vehicles depend on the electric battery as the main source of energy, while the full hybrid cars rely on gasoline engines as the main source of energy.

    This is why full hybrid cars consume more fuel and emit more carbon dioxide, so if you want to reduce your carbon footprint, go with a plug-in hybrid or an electric vehicle.

  • One of the main problems of hybrid cars, that the fuel engine and electric motor occupy a large area of ​​the car.


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