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Best methods to care for your car

 Car care makes you not have to go to the mechanic frequently, while the lack of car care makes her in a shameful state, as full car care prolongs her life and improves driving in general and reduces the expenses spent by others on frequent breakdowns, and is part of men's elegance. The hygiene of your outdoor and indoor car is a powerful proof of your personal hygiene.

How to take care of your car?

The first step in taking care of your personal car is to take care of its hygiene, which prolongs the life of your inner lining, and cleaning the car also makes it with a glossy structure all the time, which gives you greater self-confidence as we mentioned earlier, that the hygiene of the car from your personal hygiene and overall appearance, as well as lifting the embarrassment about you when driving it is dirty.

Regular inspection of the car is one of the most important things that preserves the life of the car. Keeping and caring for the car prompts you to perform a regular inspection, at the dedicated maintenance company (power of attorney) or if you cannot go to the power of attorney or your car is used, it is possible to go to a private center that you have trust, and conduct a full periodic inspection.

Best methods to care for your car

How to take care of a used car:

Not only is caring for the hygiene or maintenance work required, but part of caring for the car depends on how long you keep the engine running, not fatiguing it, paying attention to the speed you're going, brake tightening times and carefully turning, in parallel with regular periodic changes of the car's oils, not stopping suddenly, avoiding car bumps and driving slowly in the downhill areas.

You need to follow the color of the liquid used for the transmission, change it periodically, Trying not to overwhelm the transmission, trying not to damage it, by observing the change of speeds and where the motor stands Because every single transmission speed has to stop the engine, That is, you need not increase the speed before you move on the next speed so as not to overwhelm the engine and the engine sends warnings when the speed exceeds the same carriage where it appears louder.

Keep your tyres one of the most important safety and safety factors and not just to take care of the car. The safety of your tyres makes you sure to travel or walk through the city. Before moving your car you have to check the tyres well. As a care factor for your car, you have to maintain the tyres, do not overwhelm them and know to measure them periodically by measuring tyre pressure.

Take care of car paint:

In order to take care of car paint, you need to be careful if you decide to wash your car in a laundry, because there are some laundromats that use chemicals to wash the car, damaging the structure of the car and paint it, so you should be careful not to use chemicals to wash your car, so that you can also wash your car yourself or by steam washing it.

Correct car cleaning method:

The car can be cleaned by steam washing, through the device used in it by laundry, these are the best and healthiest roads for car washing, they are an environmentally friendly means, provide water and at the same time they are considered a powerful car cleaner without using harmful chemicals on the chassis and paint of the car.

Cleaning the car in this way can keep its shine and keep it from losing colour, while protecting your car from exposure to scratches during washing, maintaining its structure from rust, removing more difficult spots by brushing the car, acting as a powerful car sterilizer from germs and malicious odors, is safer for the car as a whole from inside and out, and maintains it from vandalism.

Ways to care for car glass:

First you can take care of the windscreen by lifting the front wipers high then cleaning the glass with a paper well then spraying the car polisher on the car glass and then using a clean cloth in cleaning the glass and then take care of the back glass of the car, in the same way using a piece of paper at first and then spray the polisher and then the final cleaning with a clean cloth, then food vinegar can be added to it for better cleaning.

The glass should be well wiped from the inside with a clean cloth in order to remove dust and dust And then the glass is sprayed from the inside with the car polisher, which can be purchased at petrol stations or laundromats. and the upper edges of the glass are wiped to the cloth, so as to prevent dust and spray the inner edges with glitter and wipe them with cloth, and then the middle part is also wiped with gloss and then with cloth and some vinegar on the fabric can be used for better cleaning too.

Methods of car hygiene care from within:

First, you need to make sure the car cleaning tools are available from inside, most notably the broom, towels, soft and rough cleaning brushes, as well as clear the contents of the car, remove the dust, using the broom to pull all dust and dust from all over the car, and then use the detergents to clean leather seats or cloth through the custom material and you need to buckle them well and don't leave them on the seat long.

Use a small brush or cloth and add cleaning materials to it in order to clean the car tablet, swipe it well on the tablet and return it until it is cleaned, use a clean cloth in order to clean the keyboards inside the car, and to clean the doors inside we use a rough brush in order to remove the dust and gloss the skin if it is lined with skin.


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